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APRIL 2016, NO. 32


The OSC is buzzing with visitors who come to dive into our rich and unique resources, consult the IOC archives, and get one-to-one research support from our experts.

So far this year we’ve looked after more than 445 students and researchers from across the globe – including Australia, Greece, Japan, Italy and Canada – with interests ranging from the Olympic Games art competition (1912-1948) to the Games as a trigger for creating global values.

We’ve had visits from student groups including the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS – Lausanne), and the ESSEC business school (France) and the Belgian Olympic Academy. And we’ve hosted delegations from the National Olympic Committees of Cameroon, Canada, Moldavia, South Sudan and Central African Republic, who we were please to tell about our services and the resources available to them.

In March, we were particularly pleased to welcome Professors Bob Barney and Stephen Wenn, who visited from Canada to continue their research on revenue generation at the IOC. They’re highly respected scholars and long-time users of the OSC, so we’re thrilled to support their research by helping them explore our historical archives and make the best of their time with us in Lausanne. Bob is the founding director of the International Centre for Olympic Studies (ICOS) at Ontario’s Western University. His research areas include the history of Olympic Commercialism and of the modern Olympic Games. Stephen is a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, also in Ontario, and has a particular interest in the IOC’s relationship with television networks.

If you’d like to conduct research at the Olympic Studies Centre, contact us to arrange a visit or just drop by when you’re in next in Lausanne.

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